Green(ish) Fingers …

A post from September 2013 regarding me and my garden. (I’m not planning to reblog all of my garden posts from my non-garden blog onto this one, but there will be a couple!

The Flibberatic Skreebles

Be under no illusion. Geoff Hamilton I’m not (and that’s probably dated me and the programmes I watched as a child …). But I enjoy gardening. Like cooking, this was something that was fostered somewhat by my mother. She always was a … well, the cliche is ‘keen gardener’ but I think that slightly underplays her devotion to all things horticultural. Obsessed might be closer to it. When she’d visit other gardens (both private and public) she’d always make sure that she had a jacket with deep pockets, and possibly her garden knife with her in order to … appropriate cuttings to take home. These, if they were lucky, were dunked in hormone root powder, or a pot of the rooting gel, left in the windowsill for a while and then stuck in the garden. If they were unlucky then they’d just be stuck in the dirt. Invariably they’d take…

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