Then and Now … Sort Of …

Aaaaand another one. This one details the shape and space of my garden – to give you some idea of what I’m working with!

The Flibberatic Skreebles

As I mentioned in a previous post, Green(ish) Fingers, my garden runs approximately 300′ in a north-south orientation, with the house at the southern end. It also slopes somewhat, with the ‘bottom’ of the slope nearest the house. The natural rise is probably about a metre or so, with the steepest part of the rise again fairly close to the house. The ground where I live is predominantly clay. Close to the house, you don’t have to go down more than a few inches before you reach thick globs of the stuff. Luckily fairly quickly the upward slope gives an all-important extra couple of inches of topsoil.

I don’t mind clay soils. Given the right treatment (i.e. plenty of organic material) they can be worked okay, and are often very fertile. Looking at other gardens around here, clearly nobody has any major issues with what they can grow!


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