The Joys of a British Spring …

I’m sure its not unique to England, but Spring has gone from an early bout of warmth and sunshine to blasts of rain-sodden wind. Just when the (clay) ground was beginning to dry out a bit …

Consequently I have no photos of anything glorious in the garden at the moment. Things are coming on – the aliums are beginning to burst, the sweet rocket is flowering, the hosta is sprouting – but nothing to get too over-excited about quite yet.

Saying that, my white Veronica is looking lovely. Its planted just behind a blue Veronica hybrida ‘Inspire Blue’ and the two mix wonderfully. Or they would do if the ‘Inspire Blue’ actually flowers this year …

Veronica gentianoides ‘Tissington White’

I’m waiting for some warmer weather so I can plant out my Ipomoea  seedlings. They’ve been up for over 3 weeks are wanting to get to climbing!

I’m hoping that this year mine will be as fabulous as the ones my mother manages to grow!



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