Bank Holiday Bits and Pieces

Another Bank Holiday weekend, another plant fair … NO PLANT FAIRS.

Resistance is futile

However, today is forecast to be pleasant and sunny and warm. Unlike the last few days, and unlike the next few days to come. This means I shall be out in the garden (once I’ve finished my cup of tea, naturally …) doing some tidying up and sorting out and maybe even planting at least some of my 6 remaining cosmos. This does mean, however, that some plants are going to have To Go.

Luckily the rain and the wind have kind of taken this out of my hands. Last year my mum (of course) gave me a whole host of Sweet Rocket seedlings (and a load of Verbena bonariensis). As it was their first year, and being biennials, I wasn’t expecting anything much – just leaves and growth and all good things – with the flowering to happen this year. So colour me surprised when last year they shot up and flowered profusely (every plant, covered – well, except the two that were lost due to caterpillars), survived the winter (such as it was) and have flowered prolifically again this year.

2014-05-21 18.53.50

As much as I think they’re pretty, with their white and pink blooms, and provide a good structure to borders, they take up a lot of space when mature and are remarkably floppy and seem to have quite fragile stem bases.

Which brings us back to plans for today.

A couple of the purple-pink plants didn’t survive the wind and rain and had to be trimmed (blooms not wasted – an armful given to my neighbour and the rest in a vase in our living room where they smell amazing) – and when I say “didn’t survive” I really mean “didn’t survive as upright plants”. I’m no border Nazi (probably a better term for that somewhere …) and am happy with things going where they want, but when you have that much vegetative matter pressing down on the smaller plants … no. Sorry.

So those out, cosmos in.

Such is life.

I also have the spare onion squash (or red kuri squash, if you prefer, or even C. maxima Duchesne ssp. maxima convar. maxima ‘Red Kuri’ if you want to get really swish) to put in (behind the shed), and that damned grass (which is probably/possibly the red hook sedge Uncinia uncinata ‘Rubra’). No idea where that’s going to go …

On the plus side, this:

2014-05-25 09.59.15


And also this:

2014-05-19 15.16.45


Which I thought were rather pretty.


4 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Bits and Pieces”

    1. Very much so. I do get a bit sad with the changing of the seasons, but at the same time so many different things to look forward to!

      And thank you! 🙂


  1. I have never grown cosmos, but really hope I can find some plants to put in this year. It is a lovely summer plant. Off to garden centre tomorrow, come rain or shine, to buy my annuals. Hope they haven’t all gone.


    1. I still have some more to get … There are a few gaps here and there. Hopefully we’ll both still be able to get some!

      I do love cosmos. Such wondrous results for so little effort (in a good way …)!


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