Pre-Holiday Update

Did I mention I’m going on holiday next week? I think I might have.

I shall be here:



Surrounded by this:

(All taken by me, last June …)

What can I say? I’m willing to suffer this just so I can bring you some awesome French garden-related posts for the next fortnight!



7 thoughts on “Pre-Holiday Update”

  1. I love your photos of the rose and poppy. Please tell me how you got the poppy photo without the colour glare I keep getting. I have been experimenting with exposure and a polarising filter but not sure I have got it yet. The house in France looks wonderful – what area is it in?


    1. Eesh, I wish I could tell you that it was some nifty trick … But its pure dumb luck … I’ve not had any colour glare from poppy photos – other than to make sure I’m at an angle to the light source. That probably doesn’t help, does it?!

      The house is in western France, in the Deux Sevres department. Old farmhouse. Middle of nowhere. 😉


      1. Not really no! Will just keep trying – maybe my poppies are just too red! Deux Sevres? I don’t know it, but The Traveller says they make good wine there! Enjoy.


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