Post-Holiday Update

I know, I’m sorry. In my pre-holiday post I intimated that I’d be posting whilst I was away … and then didn’t. This was partly due to the shoddy nature of the broadband connection at my parents house (I’m old enough to remember 56k dial-up on screeching modems, so it feels a bit #firstworldproblems to kvetch about ‘slow’ broadband), but mostly due to me having a better time outside (when I wasn’t being bitten to death by anything with piercing mouth-parts) than inside. And somebody may point out that I’ve been back a week and only just getting around to this now … part of that is down to me having a couple of interviews and then being offered a job that needed to all be sorted before I start on Monday.

Rosa 'Buff Beauty', a hybrid musk rose
Rosa ‘Buff Beauty’, a hybrid musk rose

I seem to have taken an over-abundance of photos (both with my phone AND with my actual camera – first time in a long time!). I whittled them down to about 200 and they are sitting happily in an album on Flickr that you’re more than welcome to peruse at your leisure.


One thing I had wanted to do whilst I was there was to scan a few photos of how the garden has changed and developed over the last 20-odd years. I got the old albums out. I went through photos. Forgot to scan any … Well, that’s not strictly true. I did find some old ones of me that made me chuckle …

Me, c.1995/6
Me, c.1995/6

Whilst there were some fabulous roses, poppies and nigellas in bloom, some of the most spectacular flowers were the lilies (and not a red carapace to be seen!).

I’ll have a few other posts highlighting a few bits and pieces in the next few, er, week or so – as well as the jungle (well, okay, not quite!) that I returned to!


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