New Rescues

I don’t overly like big chain nurseries/garden centres. I think they breed a sense of “instant gardening” and homogeneous suburban perfection.

Saying that, however, I do quite like popping in now and again to see what’s on their clearance racks. Whilst some of it is often annuals that are past their best, often the only problem these plants face is a lack of water/sunlight/shade/room to grow and once planted in a garden would be absolutely cracking, especially so with perennials.

Today, on the way back from shopping at the large, soulless big chain supermarket (ahem) we popped in to one big chain garden centre-cum-hardware store (okay, it was B&Q) in order to buy some replacement gravel for the edges of the patio. Whilst there we checked out a clearance trolley or two …

The first find was this sad-looking Moroccan daisy: Rhodanthemum hosmariense “African Eyes”.

There was a lovely little compact storksbill: Erodium “Spanish Eyes”.

2014-07-06 16.32.33

And finally what I hope will come on in leaps and bounds this summer, a fairly healthy (an complete with buds) African daisy: Osteospermum ecklonis “Serenity Peach Magic”.

They are currently soaking their feet in a tray of water, but in a while (i.e. after I’ve posted this, finished my tea and gone for a walk) I shall, er, find suitable places for them!


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