Garden Update!

Last week I finally caved.

For the first time since being back from France I actually mowed the grass. Yes. Its true. Gone is the lush acreage of sweet bee-covered clover. Gone are the perky purple pulpits of betony. Luckily this was done the day before the skies opened for 48 hours …
2014-07-19 14.53.22
… but a lull in the rain yesterday did allow me to go out and get some shots of droplets on flowers … like this Lavatera:
… and this Clematis:

#flower #purple #clematis #mygarden #wiltshire #gardening #garden #aftertherain

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… and some blue & purple Catananche:

#flower #blue #summer #wet #rain #aftertherain #garden #gardening #mygarden #wiltshire

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In other news, the Buddleia davidii is flowering nciely …
2014-07-19 14.40.39
As is the Himalayan honeysuckle (Leycesteria formosa)
2014-07-19 14.50.39
And my new (well, several months ago) Echinacea purpurea ‘White Swan’ is also flowering. (The ‘Tomato Soup’ was heavily slug-damaged, but is recovering nicely – just no buds as yet!)
2014-07-19 14.41.33
As for my rescues … one of the Nicotiana plants has succumbed to whatever was crisping it up (possibly water/fertiliser scorching on the leaves from when it was in the garden centre) – but I have buds coming on the Osteospermum and the Rhodanthemum. I keep missing the orange gazania being out in flower, but the pink geranium its with looks fantastic.
That’s about it for now!

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