A Wiltshire Garden

My garden isn’t the biggest. It doesn’t have perfect soil conditions (mostly clay). It doesn’t have the perfect aspect (it faces north). It isn’t the perfect shape (a long, thin rectangle). It isn’t even, strictly speaking, mine (we rent the house).

From Andrews' and Dury's Map of Wiltshire, 1810
From Andrews’ and Dury’s Map of Wiltshire, 1810

But the idea of not gardening, of doing nothing with the outside space was not something that I could countenance. With the help of my mother – herself a keen gardener (although the word ‘keen’ hardly does her justice) and an ardent donor of many plants – I’ve been able to turn a rather sad and unloved outdoor space into something more pleasing to the eye.

This blog aims to share a bit of what was, a bit of what is, and a bit of what may be.

I also have a cookery blog and one that’s focussed on writing and genealogy.


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One man's blog from his garden in deepest Wiltshire

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